Omnisense Beyond the seen

Virtual worlds where you can touch, hear, smell and feel
We build Hyper-Reality playgrounds where we teleport you to surrealistic universes

Beta tests are open! (Paris area only)

Come test before anyone else state-of-art technologies and experience new realities!

8 places left for January and February 2019
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How does it work?

Virtual Reality Headset + Gloves + Vest + Physical elements
  • We use next generation headset, haptical gloves and full body suit, physical elements to simulate new realities
  • Lives the experience like it's real!
  • Nausea-free free moves up to a baseball field sized area
  • 5 senses stimulation including smells like forest or tropical or even abandoned hospital places
  • Found a treasure chest in the experience? Open it with your bare hands thanks to custom made physical props!
Our products are made in France

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We are based in Paris area, in France

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